Little by Little

Slowly I am getting back to dyeing. Little by little. It has been extremely busy and the next quilt show is so close. I am so ready to have a break. My creativity just comes more easily when I do not have that pressure looming overhead. So until then I have little to share. One piece I have dyed:

wpid-20140902_182846.jpg wpid-20140902_182951.jpg

I like this because it’s such a nice color. I find looking into dyed patches similar to spotting shapes in clouds. I see a beetle in the teal above.

So hopefully soon I’ll have something more substantial to post. Until then I dye!


Looking Up

It’s been a busy week with World Quilt Show New England. Long car rides, lots of work, many people. Quilt shows are great for ideas and inspiration but you really can’t do much about them until you get home. So I haven’t dyed anything but took many photos. I found myself continuously looking up at the sky and clouds. Here are some of my photos

20140810_193526 20140810_193802 20140812_092749 20140812_101954 20140814_130517  20140815_082850 20140818_200050 20140817_160923 20140817_130120 20140818_175556 20140814_130640 20140816_111934