Dye Dye Again

If at first you don’t succeed, dye dye again. It is time for me to fix some of my least favorite dyed pieces by overdyeing.







It’s been so so much work hand dyeing a color wheel for a personal project. I need twelve steps on the wheel, along with a lighter value and a shaded/greyed tone for each hue. It’s slowly coming together. This is what I’ve accomplished so far:

The yellow is the trickiest because the other dyes just want to take over. I definitely need to redo the grey-yellow one because it’s just too red. But I am pretty happy with what I’ve done.

Little by Little

Slowly I am getting back to dyeing. Little by little. It has been extremely busy and the next quilt show is so close. I am so ready to have a break. My creativity just comes more easily when I do not have that pressure looming overhead. So until then I have little to share. One piece I have dyed:

wpid-20140902_182846.jpg wpid-20140902_182951.jpg

I like this because it’s such a nice color. I find looking into dyed patches similar to spotting shapes in clouds. I see a beetle in the teal above.

So hopefully soon I’ll have something more substantial to post. Until then I dye!